International energy expert Karolis Kiguolis, together with an unnamed partner, founded the start-up “Exigere Responsum”, which will allow companies to earn additional income from the electricity balancing service, reduce CO2 emissions and make a significant contribution to ensuring the state’s energy security. The nearest plans are to take a leading position in the markets of Lithuania, Poland and Greece, and in the next 7 years to become the largest pooling aggregator – a start-up in Europe.

From 2020 independent aggregators in Lithuania can participate in the balancing capacity market. A similar practice has been used by many western countries for a long time. Foreign experience shows that when companies participate in energy balancing, the benefits are felt not only for business, but also for the state.

“We are independent aggregator of electricity demand. The service we offer will be useful for both business, renewable energy developers, and the state. For example, in cooperation with business, we will help the state to balance electricity demand with supply without using a fossil fuel generator. We will also help solve power grid security issues, and businesses will be able to optimize electricity costs by more than 40 percent. and reduce CO2 emissions”, says Karolis Kiguolis, Founder and CEO of “Exigere Responsum”.

The Exigere Responsum service will be especially useful for companies engaged in production or trade, shopping centers, water utilities companies, storage/battery owners and companies with cold storage. According to “Exigere Responsum” calculations, 1 MW of flexibility will allow companies to earn up to 4 million EUR extra revenue in 5 years period.

When there is a shortage of electricity in the network, companies participating in energy balancing slightly reduce their energy consumption, and when there is an excess of energy, they increase it. According to energy experts, the business processes of companies are not affected at all because of this, and consumers do not feel temporary changes. Usually in companies, energy balancing takes place about 3-4 times a day and takes about 40 minutes on average.

According to the founder of “Exigere Responsum”, due to the rapid growth of green energy, the importance of energy balancing will only increase. Because both solar power plants and wind power plants and hydrogen provide power to the grid in an erratic mode. Therefore, states are increasingly looking for ways to solve the security problems of the electricity network.

“Exigere Responsum” will provide services in electricity balancing, smart battery storage and BMS (battery management system).

The founder of the startup, Karolis Kiguolis, is one of the most experienced balancing market experts in Lithuania and western countries. He often advises representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Communications of various countries on energy issues and shares his insights at the largest energy conferences. K. Kiguolis is the only representative of the Baltic countries in the “SmartEn” association, which cooperates with the European Commission in shaping the energy balancing market in Europe.